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Trends that are Significantly Impacting Your Business NOW

There are three internet marketing trends that are growing steadily and dramatically, and they compliment one another:

  1. Local Search (Geo Targeted)
  2. Mobile Search (Searches using mobile devices and connecting to dozens of different mobile service directories) 
  3. Continual addition of new mobile / local internet directories and apps.

The development and growth of local and mobile search and the proliferation of new directories and apps is why it makes sense to outsource the management of your business' search listings.

Problem #1: Frustrating, Inaccurate Listings

Some of your business information is public and you were probably not the source of the data entry.  If you have ever saw a listing for your company and the phone number or address was incorrect, that is why.

We can locate and correct inaccurate listings.

Problem #2: Confusing, Duplicate Listings

In this case, you may have one listing that is correct or mostly correct and one or more others that are duplicates that are incorrect.  Duplicate listings cause confusion.  Browsers don't know which to use, so they will often select another that is a single listing.

We can ensure you have a complete and accurate listing and remove the confusing duplicates.

Problem #3: Devastating, Missing Listings

Perhaps worst of all - you are simply not found! 

We can create a listing for you and PUSH it out to our data distribution network.

Problem #4: Stale (Outdated) Content in Listings

Things change in every business, and those changes need to be reflected in your online listings.  Got some changes to post?  Just complete our online request form and we'll get them updated for you! - No extra charge!

We refresh your listing each and every month.

Problem #5: Lack of Content Relevant Links from "Valuable" Sources

Problems 1-4 listed above have to do with what could be considered "impulse" purchases. 

Internet marketing has not been solely about traditional SEO for a long time, but the need for traditional or conventional SEO has not gone by the way side. 

It is simply harder to get good links, couched in relevant content (considered authoritative links) to point back to you.

That is where our additional service comes in!  Contact us for more information.

For Your Company, We Provide:

  • Accurate Information
    • Geo Data
    • Content
  • Updated Each Month

Our Extended Network

  • Over 300 Publishers


Yes, you can.  You can drill your own teeth, too, but having a dentist do it for you is a better idea!

DIYing It will take you 20 - 30 minutes for each listing.

Do the math.  We will use 25 mins as an average.

25 mins X 300 publishers = 7,500 mins / 60 mins = 125 hours!