Website Design, Maintenance and Marketing Services

Website Design, Maintenance and Marketing Services
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We provide a complete suite of Website Design, Maintenance and Marketing Services for Landscaping Companies.

Website Design

  • Our custom website design service includes all responsive (mobile-beautiful) designs that include basic, on-site SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • We typically include social media follow buttons and embedded Facebook page feed on site.
  • If you are in need of any custom applications, we can take care of your needs.

Website Maintenance (Webmaster)


Almost all of our clients purchase a subscription service from us that includes an (CMS) easy website editor and unlimited phone support directly from us.  Most of our clients do most of their own website maintenance using our CMS and phone support.


However, if you want hands-off service (where we take care of all of your website maintenance), we are happy to do that as well.  We will create an agreement with you that works for frequency and breadth.  Otherwise, we charge a modest $25 minimum service fee for update sets.  (We can do several updates for the minimum fee)

Website Marketing

You realize that having a website is mission-critical, but you also need your site to be marketed.  Consult with us about your goals and we can put you on a path to see those goals accomplished.

3 Simple Steps to Successful Website Marketing

1) Proper development

2) Qualified traffic

3) Effective conversion

Local Search Marketing

If you want to achieve greater visibility in your local market, the logical first step is to secure professionally managed local search marketing services that connect to powerful geo-location services.

We can do this for you!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you are in a larger metro area or want to reach beyond your central geo-location (about 40 miles), you may need additional SEO services to become competitive.

We employ "white hat", natural SEO services only.  We can help.

All of our websites are developed responsively.

What is Responsive Website Design or Development?

A responsive website provides a good user experience regardless of the device they are using to view the site.

Responsive sites are not simply "viewable" on mobile devices, but they work WELL on mobile devices.

A responsive website will take full advantage of the real estate provided by each screen, regardless of its size.